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Yvonne Maffei

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Key Facts

First Halal food website

First Halal food website

Pioneered the first culinary and shop website in the niche area of
halal food.

First Halal cookbooks

First Halal cookbooks

Wrote the first cookbooks dedicated
to halal cooking.



First professional ambassador of the promotion of halal cuisine, products and services both in the U.S. and abroad.

Guest Chef

Guest Chef

Served as a guest Chef in the first-ever Halal Food Tour (2013) and I Heart Halal (2018) festivals in the U.S.



Speaker and panelist at the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).



Member of the esteemed
Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago



Promoter of Culinary Diplomacy
and Gastro Tourism concepts and
projects globally.



Featured in the Chicago History Museum Chicago Muslim Project

Official guest

Official guest

Official guest of the Obama
White House Eid Celebration

About Yvonne Maffei

About Yvonne Maffei

Yvonne Maffei is a self-taught chef, food researcher & travel writer, cookbook author, e-commerce entrepreneur, public speaker, food industry consultant, niche consumer marketer, an expert in halal cooking, and the founder of the first blog on halal food & cooking, MyHalalKitchen.com and e-commerce site MyHalalMarket.com


She gives cooking classes, presentations on the meaning of halal, and educates about conscious cooking and healthy eating.

She consults food brands, schools, and hospitals on how to understand and source halal ingredients and methods in cooking for food and cosmetic products.


Education and Certifications

  • BA Spanish & Latin American Studies, Ohio University, September 1993-June 1997
  • MA International Development Studies, Ohio University, January 1998-June 1999
  • Nutrition & Food Science: Harvard University
  • Food as Medicine: Stanford University
  • The Science of Cooking: Harvardx
  • Newspaper Journalism: UC Berkeley Extension
  • Travel Writing: University of San Francisco
  • Turkish language: Yunus Emre Institute, Washington, DC
  • Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language: Transworld Schools, San Francisco

Academic Research &

  • Gastro Tourism as a Tool for Rural Regional Development: Ensuring Safe Service in Restaurants in Epidemiological Situations. ​Tashkent International Tourism Fair, Uzbekistan. November 2020
  • How Can Halal Consumers Know Something is Really Halal, Virtual Halal Summit & Expo. October 2020
  • Understanding the Modern Halal Consumer: Focus on Food Experiences. ​World Halal Summit. Istanbul, Turkey. December 2018.
  • Eid Celebrations and Modern Halal Eating Among Multi-Ethnic Muslims in America. ​T​he Language of Food Conference. Cornell University. 2012.

Services and Solutions


Strategizing social media campaigns for in-house and/or sponsored content with food and lifestyle brands.


Consulting companies on social media management and business development in the global halal food space.


Advising start-ups, mid-level, and well-established corporations on new product or service launches for niche markets.


Negotiating recipe development contracts for projects with food and lifestyle brands.

Public speaking

Public speaking on healthy living, gastro tourism, halal consumer marketing topics.


Guiding overseas companies on the legal, financial, and logistical aspects of product distribution into the U.S. consumer market.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing for the halal food and travel industry.


Designing kitchen spaces for residential and commercial use by individuals and organizations.

My Halal Kitchen

Visit my blog on halal food and cooking for recipes of different cuisines

Honors and Awards


Best Halal Service Award from American Halal Council at the Halal Expo & Summit.


Daybreak Press Book Award, Cookbook Category for the My Halal Kitchen Cookbook.


Honoree of the Carl Sandburg Literary Awards presented by the Chicago Public Library Foundation.

My Halal Market

1st e-commerce site for dropshipping halal products

Halal Cooking Classes by Yvonne

I can come to your home, school, or organization for a cooking lesson in any ethnic cuisine.

My Books

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