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Dimi Cholakov

Certified Professional Coach and
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

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My mission

My mission as a coach is to help individuals and teams get out of their box to reveal their genius.

About Dimi Cholakov

I am a Mental Strength Coach. I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to studying, contemplating, practicing, and coaching in the area of Mental strength and Energy Leadership. I am accredited by the International Coach Federation(ICF) by graduating from one of the most renowned coaching academies IPEC, which specializes in life and corporate coaching. Some of the training I acquired in addition to IPEC are Psychodrama, Anger management, Reiki, Vipassana 10 days silent meditation retreat, and UPW by Tony Robbins.

My focus on helping

Currently, I focus on helping highly driven entrepreneurs and higher-ups to optimize their mindset and energy so that they can tenfold their performance, leadership, and satisfaction! I specialize in one-on-one coaching as most of my clients are entrepreneurs and higher-ups. I work also with teams of 10 people, as, in my portfolio, I have big companies like Centrica, as well as start-ups and scale-ups.

Benefits at glance

The challenge I will help you with is finding those habits and beliefs which not only are not helping you anymore but also stay in the way of your prosperity and fulfillment.

I will be honest with you like no one else dares to be in your life, as my intention is not to please you but help you:
- First, know and embrace your unabridged version
- Second, grow and prosper

The more you know yourself, the more clarity you will have on the reasons for your destructive actions and inaction, which will give you the luxury of informed future actions.

You will stop “wanting” and start engaging in the process of creating a future that’s different from the future that would have arrived by default.

Online Coaching

This session is for you if you feel overwhelmed and you just need to get out of your head and see the big picture of the situation. So that you go out of this session more focused and dedicated, ready to produce.

One session

We will get know each other and determine next steps!

30 minfree of charge

This package is focused on maintaining a high level of performance. We will identify the reasons that keep you from continuously performing at your highest level. Finally, we will create a strategy that will focus on keeping you consistently on the top of your game.

4 sessions package

This package will help you not only to identify your destructive models and create strategies to transform them but also to focus on strengthening your mentality through changing your mental habits. The final goal is to have a strong mindset, as well as processes, which will ensure the maintenance of your performance and fulfillment.

12 sessions package
Together we will challenge your destructive thoughts
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See what some of my clients I worked with are saying:

Working with Dimi helped me to better define my targets and the steps to reach them. Meetings after meetings I really felt that I was growing as a Trader as we identified my recurrent mistakes and the practical ways to deal with them.

Senior Gas Trader chez Centrica Energy
Trading A/S, France

I could not believe that coaching can be such a simple and effective way to solve everyday challenges. It took only a few sessions to start going in a totally different direction. The answers seemed were just right before me all the time, and now someone opened my eyes.

Armin,Entrepreneur, Lithuania

I had never imagined that having a professional coach could be so rewarding – both professionally and personally.

Anders, CEO and Founder of No-More, Denmark

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